Crater Lakes and Hot Springs

I was not so happy that I missed seeing the crater lake of Pinatubo when we were in Philippines some months ago because Mann does not want to stay too long outside when its over 30C.

And then we found ourselves in Azores, a group of volcano islands, where I was able to see 3 crater lakes. I find that cool. On top of that, hot springs are abundant and seawater at certain areas are warm because of some underground vents.

Sadly though, I did not get to try cozido, which is a traditional Azores food that is cooked underground for 6 hours. But no biggie. I should know by now not to be too sad/ disappointed over things that I missed because who knows, I might get to try some other traditional meal some time in the future that is way better than cozido.  Besides, I cannot really miss what I never had can I?

Some places we’ve been:

Hiking along the crater lake of Furnas and going up to José do Canto Garden which ends at Salto do Rosal waterfall.

Parque Terra Nostra
This botanical garden is famous for its hot spring. And I am happy that my legs get to enjoy the suspicious yellow-looking supposedly mineral-rich warm water. I would not mind really dipping in but it was 1.5m flat (I am slightly shorter than that), and I cannot trust myself with kids and water.

Sete Cidades
A beautiful twin crater lake (one green, the other blue). Mann thought to go kayaking and fishing because we saw really huge carp but it was a bit windy and the girl wanted to go kayaking too. The boy immediately went to make himself comfortable in the other kayak thinking he will be off on a boat ride but I do not trust my kayaking skill and a 1 year old boy.

If we could move and retire somewhere, Azores would be lovely. I do not mind living on fish and rice, day in and day out.

2 thoughts on “Crater Lakes and Hot Springs

  1. I wouldn’t mind living on a diet of fish and rice either. I can make tinuwa and inun-on and escabeche… Oh my, the list goes on and on!

    Unfortunately for me, I’m also a lazy cook. 🙄


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