Personal Improvement – Life Goals

We are a family of 4 and we live in a cheap 500 euro two-bedroom apartment inclusive of heater, gas and water.

In some years, we will find another cheap apartment with 3 bedrooms because kids deserve their own private spaces too.

Mann wanted to have our own house with garden, a dog and a boat ever since we got married. After overthinking it for the last 6 years, here are reasons why its better we stay low:

1. Job is not always 100% available. Companies go bankrupt too. What are we going to do with a house if the job is not there? We needed to be flexible so we can move at short notice.

2. Location is usually somewhere very residential which means a very very long walk or bicycle-ride away to everything like school and supermarket. But the sun does not always shine and I refuse to maintain a car as much as possible.

3. In 5 to 10 years, house needs to be maintained, repaired and furnitures replaced. That means thousands of euros more for the house.

4. Kids grow up and move out. I do not want to be stuck with a house when there is just the two of us waiting for the kids to visit us. House does not always sell especially in boring town like ours where population is decreasing each year.

5. I hate pressure of working long hours to earn more bucks because I needed to contribute as well. I cannot simply be a freeloader and have Mann cover for everything. But I hate debts. I am nearing 40s and the perks of getting old are creeping on me. What am I going to do with a house if I cannot pay my share?

6. I have OCD issues so I needed to do the cleaning by myself otherwise I am never satisfied or happy. I do not want to be cleaning an entire house + backyard.

Although we are not completely closing our doors to owning a house someday because important policy we try to live by is “never say never”, we are focusing more on other things until there is a major change like winning a lottery or receiving some inheritance (as if we ever buy lottery ticket or know anyone that rich):

Personal Improvement through school, sport, hobby, and travelling.

I am just passing through in this life and my one important job really is to learn and multiply. Stress and attachments with materials, I don’t need. Or so I tell myself over and over again. Haha.

What do you live for in your life?


One thought on “Personal Improvement – Life Goals

  1. Material things decay. Better to invest in inner growth, education, improving the quality of the marriage and life experience. Debts and major financial obligations only make life bitter and create tension


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